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by on May 12, 2014 9:01 AM in Interviews

This Summer in Ibiza Kinky Malinki make superclub Eden their home and install one of the most exciting series of headlining DJs ever witnessed on the island. Get ready for another spectacular few months of debauchery which all starts with ATFC playing on June 29th. Later in the season everyone from Filthy Rich to Marco Lys to Kid Massive and Tom Novy will play so keep you eyes peeled.
ATFC’s picture hangs in the House Music Hall of Fame. OK, so it’s on a rusty nail in the toilet under the stairs at the end of the hall, but the point is that it’s there; a proud testament to one man’s ability to both devastate dance-floors with his explosive, peak-time sets and deliver sickeningly slick productions at an awe-inspiring rate. Here we get the lowdown…

You’ve been collecting vinyl for years – why do you love the medium so much?

I don’t have any real love for the medium especially. It was always the only format on which I could buy, play and mix my favourite music. The fact it’s a physical product with thought in the design and text to read about the artist is something I miss. It’s also a good insulator for my studio and a wall of it looks cool! As a travelling dj I don’t miss the big metal boxes and aching back though!

What are some of your prized vinyl possessions?

The Streetsounds Electro Boxset, the complete Ultimate Breaks & Beats albums and all the white labels, odd edits and great soul, funk & jazz that has never made it to iTunes. Most House music has been reissued in digital format now.

How important is your relationship with Defected? Do they get involved in your productions or just take a finished track?

I don’t think they’ve ever taken a finished track. There’s always some input from A&R especially, of course, from Simon Dunmore. 99% of the time it’s for the better and I rarely put my foot down. It’s important to get 2nd opinions on these things as it’s so easy to become engrossed and lose objectivity when you spend hours and hours listening to the same track over and over again.

What inspires those productions most, what are your aims with them?

I get inspired by other producers and often from a sample or record in my collection – old or new. The aim is simply to make a dance-floor rock as hard as possible, or for a song to have stuck in people’s heads as they leave a club.

What does your DJ name stand for?!

Aydin The Funki Chile

What should people expect from you at Kinky Malinki in Ibiza?

Straight down the line House Music. Not too maxxed out or too deep and certainly with a few swerve balls thrown in. As I’ve got older I’ve become more confident and won’t think twice about throwing in some Hip Hop or disco at some point. One big consideration is keeping the ladies on the dance-floor 

What makes the White Isle so special do you think?

 Well, this has been documented pretty extensively but for me it’s the clash, or rather merging, of nationalities, music and cultures. It’s a small island that is still the Mecca for dance music and I don’t think that will ever change. There’s a lot of craziness there but also spirituality, mayhem and tranquillity. There are so many contradictions and opposites it’s impossible not to be fascinated.

Do you ever relax when you’re there, or just DJ?

 I only come to DJ and never have the time to relax. I live in Javea on mainland Spain just 2 hours away by ferry and this is also a pretty special place so I like to get away from the madness and have my own tranquillity at home with my family.

What else have you got coming up?

 Releases on Defected, Toolroom and Stereo. I’m looking into starting up a record label again after a 5 year hiatus and collaborations with David Penn, Seamus Haji, The Shapeshifters, Mark Knight and Shovell are in the pipeline. There’s lots of travelling to do over the summer with gigs in Greece, Ibiza, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, London, Columbia and Brazil all coming up.

What do you like to do outside of music?

I’m normally driving the kids to and from school or photographing them! I’m still trying to learn Spanish, I also like to cook. We have a nice life here in Javea so 8 months of the year we’re sat by the pool and the other 4 in front of a roaring log fire.


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