Interview with Beatport 2009
by on May 11, 2014 2:26 PM in Interviews

ATFC was our House Artist of 2008, and the Defected Records man played at the Beatport Pool Party on Friday in Miami during WMC. I grabbed him for a few minutes to chat.

How’s your Miami been?

I arrived on Tuesday and went straight to the Defected party at Set and closed there. It was really good and full of glamourous people as you’d expect from a Defected party. I then played a private party at the Delano hotel with Paul Harris and also went back to back with Mark Knight for a classics set, playing all sorts of soul, funk and disco – everything but house. Us DJs like to play our inspirations, when we get the chance. I then played the Toolroom gig at Space and it was one of the best gigs I’ve had for a long time. I played 11.30-12.30 and even though that sounds early it was kicking off.

It sounds like Mark Knight and Toolroom are fond of the ATFC sound?

Mark is an old friend and I’m able to play the last set at Defected, and first set at Toolroom so I’m in between those sounds, I straddle both of those camps.As a DJ I wanted to play music that was a bit tougher than the traditional vocal funky house I’m known for, but not manic electro. So I hit this sort of middle ground. It’s got big room balls, but without scaring off the, dare I say it, female contingent of the party. At Toolroom there are a lot of men, and at Defected a hell of a lot of women, so I have to keep both camps happy.

You’ve had a really big year – we named you our house artist of the year in December.

Yeah it’s been a real whirlwind. When you’ve been doing this for such a long time like me, everyone’s careers go up and down. And it’s even sweeter when you’re not trying to do it. I had moved to Spain, stopped running the label and wanted somebody else to shout about my music for a change. Fortunately I got into the zone, as there was less pressure having moved away from England. A lot of it has to do with the weather. All DJs need these days is a good airport and a good net connection. I can be on the beach in two minutes from my place in Spain and I can get a ferry to Ibiza in two hours.

And finally what’s your big plans for 2009?

I have a lot of collaborations coming up, including a big one with John Dahlback. I’m also doing something with Chris Lake. It’s nice to be able to get out of your own studio and do things with somebody else.I also have a US tour in November, which might be tied in with Defected’s 10th anniversary. There’s also talks of a possible In The House album with Defected.




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