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Hi, this is FLOOR net MAGAZINE.

 - First and foremost, can you please introduce about yourself.  How/why did you get into music and want to become a producer/DJ?

 I wanted to be a dj since I was about 12 years old. I remember my family and I were visiting relatives in Turkey and we went to a disco bar where the dj was mixing records. I was amazed and asked my parents for a dj console for my 13th birthday. When I finally had that and 2 speakers I hired a local hall and invited my school friends to come and party. I then started a little business djing for birthdays and weddings etc. I was playing stuff from the pop charts and club music didn’t make an impact on me until much later of course. I didn’t really think about producing music until I was about 22. I saw all the American dj’s coming to the UK and getting gigs because people knew their productions so I figured I had to get in the studio to get more dj work.

 - You came over to Japan last year, how did you like it? – How did you think of the audience as you were playing DJ and/or please tell us about something you have experienced during the stay.

 I think the party at Age-Ha was one of the best dj experiences I’ve had in my life! I still have a picture from the gig as my desktop on my studio computer. The atmosphere was incredible and we all felt like rock-stars. The sound system is really impressive as well. A lasting memory is of the whole Defected crew partying around the pool with all the clubbers as the sun came up, we knew we had an early flight and had to go straight to the airport but it was so good we just couldn’t leave.

 - Can you please explain each concept of disc one and disc two.  Also where do you think is the highlight of the mixtape?

 Actually there was no concept and I wanted to let the cd’s get their own identity organically. I didn’t want to restrict myself by saying disc one would be soulful and funky and disc two would be more big room. What eventually happened was that disc one became quite euphoric with some big vocals and breakdown moments while disc two is a little groovier and maybe a little more underground. Personally the highlights for me are at the end of both discs where each time they end on an old tune. I’ve always loved H Foundation ‘Tonite’ and it was great to get a Basement Jaxx record on there too.

 - A new track, “Computer Love” (by ATFC) is included in the mixtape.  Did you make the track exclusively for this mixtape?  Why did you do sampling from the Those Guys’ hit single, “Love Love Love”?

 No I didn’t make it exclusively but it is exclusive in that it’s still not released and actually still not finished! Regarding sampling… it’s a bad, bad habit baby and I don’t know what you’re talking about ;)

 - The Copyright’s new track, “Someday” is included as well.  What was your impression on this?  Why did you find and decide to include the track?  Also, we wonder how you chose tracks especially for this mixtape?

 Well, Copyright are part of the gang and it wouldn’t be DITH without some of them on it. I knew they were working on new material so I asked them to send it over. They were continually working on it while I was mixing the album and, like ‘Computer Love’ I’m not sure if they’ve finished it yet. I think it fits the atmosphere of the cd and there are so few good vocal records to choose from it simply had to be included. It was really difficult deciding what to include on the album. Firstly, I was restricted by what is available for worldwide licensing, then I wanted to represent myself as a dj, and as a producer and finally I obviously wanted to represent the label Defected.

 - Is there anything you kept in mind when mixing?  If so, what is that?

I wanted it to be a good listen for the car, the ipod and a party.

 - Effects and a cappella are often inserted, which makes the mixing artistic and brings on live atmosphere.  Have you ever got any inspiration or idea from the club space?  If so, please tell us what it is.

Always. I often do something live in a club and then take the idea back to the studio to refine it. Whether it’s an edit or a mash up or a combination or sounds from 2 records. This is why it’s essential for dance music producers to dj as well because some ideas simply come from nowhere that would never have germinated in a studio.

 - Defected’s Simon Dunmore thinks that you have a ‘sense’ that rarely seen in other Defected DJs (we believe all of whom are talented, though).  In relation to your DJ play, what do you most proud of about yourself?

 Wow, well he’s never told me that! I think I have a pretty wide taste and knowledge within dance music so that can sometimes give me the edge over other dj’s. Because I started off being a mobile dj for birthday parties, wedding’s etc etc I think I lay quite a lot of importance on pleasing the crowd. I’m not the kind of dj who puts his head down and tries to educate people.

 - What does Dance music mean to you?

A lot of work and effort but most of all fun!

 -  Finally could we have your message to your fans in Japan?

Just to say thanks so much for the support with the album and my entire career so far. I can’t wait to come to Air Tokyo on 13th March. If it’s half as good as the last time I came it’s going to be amazing!

Many thanks.


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