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Porto & Poultry

OK, so I’m sitting here on my first flight home (yes, strangely, I always have to catch a four flight

May 3, 2014
I replied to this interview as a joke but….

HEY HON Can you please fill in below, its for French broadcast x   ——————–   I am very glad that you’re accepting

May 3, 2014
A Journey To Neverland

“You play ata two oclocka so we will picka you up ata ten and a quarter, ok?” “Err can we

May 3, 2014
Subject: ATFC – A Charity Request

Dear Sir   I am a Director for a Parrot Rescue Charity called Parrotcare. Charity No: 1137240  PARROT CARE AND REHABILITATION LIMITED. Our

May 3, 2014
Dancing In Outer Space

My journey to The States began, as usual, with me springing like a startled gazelle through the human undergrowth of

May 3, 2014
A Bali Good Time

I’m feeling a little delicate. Ahead of me are 4 flights back home from my tour of Asia and behind

May 3, 2014
Mosquitos, Moscovites and The Marriott

This is an episode from a few years ago, but I thought I’d post it, now I can find some

May 3, 2014
2 Passports And Too Many Names

I’m writing this diary on my soon to be deceased Macbook. The ‘Catherine Wheel Of Death’ has long been a

April 15, 2014

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