Future Heroes

Want to sprinkle some ATFC ‘fairy dust’ onto your track or more in-depth, direct involvement from me in your production?

Well, you’re reading this because you’ve shown some interest in ATFC’s Future Heroes so read on, your questions could well be answered below. If they aren’t, feel free to email support@atfc.com.

I look forward to working with you….here’s some early feedback from happy heroes..

'I don’t think you know how happy I am at the moment I’m over the moon mate, sounds wicked! Loving it, top man '

'I'd like to say thank you very much for blessing this track with your magic. I'm a 35 yr old man and haven't been that happy in a long time'

 'I highly recommend you to, whenever you're stuck with your production or when you need the advice of someone who is running the game for quite some time, take notice of ATFC's production help! It helped me a lot and with his huge network in the industry your chance for a release gets a lot bigger!'

 'I think this is an awesome service you offer and really is an amazing opportunity to get real insight from an establish producer like yourself. I will be a returning customer!'

Its a blooming great idea – what is it exactly???

25 years ago, when I was an aspiring DJ/producer, there was no way to contact my ‘heroes’ in the industry. The closest I could get to learning from them was by physically watching them perform in a club, reading magazine articles and listening intently to their music on vinyl. Their music production techniques, particularly, were a mystery and I spent hours trying to recreate sounds by guesswork.

Today, the Internet’s social media platforms have enabled fans to contact their heroes directly and frequently. It’s very easy to follow a step by step guide to dance music production (there are many courses and online tutorials), but a simple specific tip or moment of guidance from a chosen producer can save hours and be invaluable.

The idea was conceived after browsing hundreds of messages left to me by ‘fans’ on Facebook, Soundcloud, Myspace (in it’s day!) and Twitter. A huge proportion (70/80%) of these messages were asking for help and or advice. There are requests for me to listen to demos, sign music to my label, rate dj mixes and for advice regarding studio techniques.

The aim is to channel this desire for knowledge and advice into a service that offers guaranteed, unbiased and honest responses in return for a paid subscription / fee in much the same way a lawyer is called upon to give advice to specific problems / issues.

Initially, there are 3 obvious levels of involvement.

1. A €80 2 hour analysis, written by email with possibly the audio of a couple of extra 'parts' or elements I feel would help the track. Allow 5 working days to receive full analysis.

For that there would be no writing claim by ATFC.

A 'package' of 5 of these would be €350 paid upfront but with no time limit on supplying the 5 tracks of course!

2. Extra 2 hour sessions on the same track where I begin to have more creative input. A publishing split can be agreed in good faith at the time. Or if I provide a genius idea for a hook or vocal, then again, publishing % can be agreed.

3. Additional production and mix down will involve you supplying the stems of your track. I'll then add/delete/modify parts and mix down here in my studio.

To be clear, your track should be at least 75% finished before I start working on it. This is not a ‘start from scratch’ option and, of course, I cannot guarantee it will be a hit!

The track will remain yours and there will be no production credit to ATFC, although 30% of publishing will be claimed. This costs €400 for a maximum 10 hour session.

On all levels and, in a way, most valuable to you is that I’ll be offering my industry wide knowledge and contacts. Maybe your track is right for a release on ATFC Music? Maybe I can suggest a label I have contacts with and give you a fast track to be heard amongst the 000’s of demos they receive?

I’ve been a big fan of your music for years – so, for me, it’s a no brainer...

Bless you - to clarify, this isn't a Logic/Music Production genius bar. I’m not a world authority on music production or, even, Logic but I have had long term success, and I can tell you what I would do with the track in question, advise you on what is, in my opinion, right and wrong with it and help you paint it a nice shade of ‘ATFC Pink’.

If you’re helping write parts for the track, do you then claim publishing/licensing/mcps/prs etc?

I’ll be requesting a 'silent' publishing split rather than any co-production credits. I can't have 50 co-productions being released so, unless there's a really good reason to get full co-production credit, I'm going to stick with 30% publishing on tracks where I’ve had a lot of input.

Will you be doing the consultation over Skype or email?

Initially all correspondence will be by email but full mix downs and longer involvement in productions may involve Skype

I’m in, sign me up! Please remind me who you are again…

ATFC. DJ / Producer with 20 years experience. 3 UK Top 40 hits and numerous specialist underground hits. ATFC has previously owned a successful record label and DJ agency (Onephatdeeva) before moving to Spain to focus on music production. Aydin has been a guest DJ in the world’s biggest and best clubs and festivals, including Pacha Ibiza, Space Ibiza, Ushuaia, Global Gathering UK, Ministry Of Sound London, Future Music Festival Australia, Zoukfest Asia, WMC Miami and Dance Valley Holland.  He’s been a guest mixer on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection (One of only 100 Dj’s since it’s inception in 1989) and was named Beatport’s House Music Artist Of The Year 2008 and 2009.

How do I pay - PayPal I’m presuming?

Yep, Paypal is easiest right now to this address..(aydin@atfc.com). If you're interested, don't hang about – time is limited and there’s only ever going to be one of me!


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