Hong Kong Clubbing
by on May 11, 2014 3:09 PM in Interviews

Have you been to Hong Kong before and what are you expecting from your first gig here?

I came once a few years ago but only on a connection to Taipei. It was a Sunday and there were thousands of families having lunch in the streets - the noise of chatter was amazing! I've never heard a sound like it. I've no idea what to expect but if I have half as good a time as I've had in other parts of Asia, I'll be happy!

Tell us something that no one knows about you.

The reason no one knows these things is because they're either too embarrassing or could end me up in jail

Is 'Bad Habit' played four times during Miami Music  Conference the most exciting news you've heard in your life?

Well I was there when it was happening so it kind of unfurled in front of me. Everytime I heard it I thought 'Is this really happening? Am I drunk or stuck in some kind of Groundhog Day episode?' Then when Louie Vega spun it for the 4th time I had to leave and compose myself on Miami Beach - it was all too much! Seeing my 2 kids being born obviously come fairly close in terms of excitement ;)

How's Ibiza treating you? And what inspired you the most living there?

I don't. I live on mainland Spain in a place called Javea on the Costa Blanca. It's actually the closest part of Spain to Ibiza. I came here to DJ for a friend Ian Carey and stayed with him and his family for a few days. I thought if Ian could do it then I could. All I need is a good school for my kids and a decent airport. The life here is fantastic though - a lot of people save all year to come here on holiday for 2 weeks so we're very lucky to live here all year round.

Who are your top 3 favourite DJs?

Gilles Peterson
Norman Jay

Can you tell us the best set you've ever mixed and why?

Hmm difficult one - any of the times you really lock into the crowd and play for 4/5 hours and could carry on for another 5! One recent one would be playing after Bob Sinclar at Pacha Ibiza.  Everything just came together, I was playing in arguably the best club in the world to 3000 people after one of the worlds top dj/ producers.  I was quite nervous but that made it all the sweeter. I finished at 6.45am and the crowd were stage diving and chanting - you can see the footage at defected.com.

What is your plan in 2009?

To keep on top of my productions and not work too hard! I have more releases on Defected, collaborations with John Dahlback and Chris Lake. Another summer of Pacha dates and possibly a mix album or two - much of the same really! Oh and a tour of the US and Australia thrown in.


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