I replied to this interview as a joke but….
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Can you please fill in below, its for French broadcast x




I am very glad that you’re accepting my invitation, it is with your records that I learned djing (I note with vinyls:).


That’s a bit f***ing cheeky, you should have at least asked first. Did my wife let you in?


You are a pioneer of house music.

I’m Not.

Almost 16 year career. It’s correct ?

No 27 years.

You knew the first sequencer and vinyl records,

Yes, I also witnessed the erection of the Eiffel Tower. How old do you think I am?.


Is that you think all the changes there were in 10 years have been good for electronic music ?



You have your own label,

I don’t.

Is the CD and the mp3 did not kill the record business ?

Yes, shortly after Video was released on acquittal and the Radio Star was found to be living under an assumed name in a Camper Van near Monmouth.

In your opinion, is it easier to succeed as a DJ now or 10 years ago? Why ?

It was a piece of piss 27 years ago

Before you start Dj, you were a radio host.

No I wasn’t.

The radio also has changed for good or bad?

Mine broke 5 years ago.

You never had a desire to remake the radio ? 

I once tried to out of cardboard and bottle tops but the f***ing thing couldn’t get the Pirate stations.


You were always true to house music.

I wasn’t.

You were not tempted by other style of electronic music ?




If Rihanna asks you to produce music, but you have to do as David Guetta. Do you agree?

I could try but my French accent is rubbish, and only as long as she promised to sing like Dolly Parton.


Your news is the release “Soulkeeper”, compilations…

Is it?

You want more,

Do I?


What are your future project ?

A cup of tea and a lie down


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